DALI-BM RS-232 Busmaster




The DALI-BM RS-232 with integral DALI bus power supply allows a host computer or personal organizer, through its RS-232 serial port, to control DALI ballasts and other load devices on a DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) bus and to receive status back from those devices. To accomplish this, the Busmaster provides two major functions: a current limited dc power supply to power the DALI bus, and a isolated communications interface that



converts the host’s RS-232 level signals to DALI bus signal levels and simultaneously isolates the host computer/controller from the DALI bus wiring.


• Control and monitor a single DALI communications loop (up to 64 ballasts)

• Digital two way communications with RS-232 serial device


• Power and signal LED’s for easy indication of operating status

• Isolated 9-pin serial communications port (19.2 kb/sec)

• DALI communications compatible (1200 baud / Manchester coded)

• RJ-11 or removable terminal block for quick DALI loop connection

• Weight: Approximately 6.9 oz (196 g)


Type      DALI-BM RS-232
Order # 24034345
Electrical Supply line voltage (external wall transformer)  VAC 110-130
  frequency Hz 60
Input supply VAC 12
  RS-232 - 1
Output single DALI bus - Up to 64 DALI devices
    voltage VDC 12.5-15
current limitation mA 250
max. load current mA 220*
Connection in - RS-232
  out - RJ-11 or screw connector

 * for special application loading please contact manufacturer.


Order #  Type Description 
24034351 DALI PS  Power supply for DALI-BM, in: 120 V 60 Hz 10 W, out: 12 VAC 500 mA
24034364 DALI-CA  Cable RS-232 to DALI-BM, 10” long