Clipsal / Dalicontrol


Now with the backing of Schneider Electric

The procurement of a lighting control package for any commercial space can be difficult to manage. However, DALIcontrol is brought to you by Schneider Electric and its subsidiary Clipsal Australia, Australia's market leading manufacturer in electrical accessories, lighting control and management systems. Schneider Electric and Clipsal can provide you with a full complement of DALI compatible wall switches, touch screens, sensors, and much more.

With its global network, Schneider Electric, the world's biggest electrical company, has operations in over 100 countries. As an energy management specialist, Schneider Electric is focused on helping customers develop solutions that save costs, improve existing assets and reduce environmental impact by using their energy more productively and efficiently.
        With electricity prices set to quadruple by 2020, Schneider Electric's goal is to be the benchmark in sustainable development. Schneider Electric is committed to green building programs and initiatives such as Green Star. To go even further in meeting the environmental challenge, Schneider Electric provides customers with leading-edge solutions and technologies for energy efficiency.

By choosing DALIcontrol and their systems integrators, you are in fact tapping into a vast network belonging to the world's leading specialist in power, control and energy management. There is no one better placed to offer you the world's standard for digital lighting control.