3F Filippi, philosophy

  3F Filippi is constantly committed to improving its products in order to make them ever-more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. This commitment starts with production of our lighting products in a plant which, thanks to PV solar panels optimizes its energy use, continuing with assembly performed in the same plant with zero transport, and is developed through the commitment put into two project concepts:
  The EDG logo, which stands for Running Economy in Italian, identifies the most advanced products which most respect the environment     3F Filippi participates in the GreenLight as Sustaining member  
  Economical Management means cost-efficiency. 

The EDG mark means fewer points of light during installation, less energy consumption, less work to replace faulty materials or run-down lamps, less work to clean the luminaires. 

The manufacturing philosophy of 3F Filippi is aimed at EDG 

- Parabolic transverse blades closed at the top. 

- Louvres and flow recuperators made in nearly pure and highly reflective aluminium that provides
  - Accurate focusing of the lamps and optimisation of the dimensions for maximum efficiency with the best light distribution for every application.

- Research into materials and treatments for long life.

- Use of top brand components, all certified according to the latest standards.

- Use of dimmable and electronic ballast for the greatest energy savings.

- Easy and quick servicing or maintenance. - Easy and quick installation.
  - Energy consumption is the main cause of polluting emissions which contribute to the increase in the greenhouse effect.

- The European GreenLight Programme was introduced by the European Commission in order to reduce energy consumption through the diffusion of efficient lighting in rooms, on the basis of the requirements of the Kyoto Protocol for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

- 3F Filippi, as part of a corporate policy which has always been attentive to energy saving problems, joined the GreenLight programme as sustaining Member to improve the quality and efficiency of lighting in large industrial, commercial and public buildings.
  - Participation in this Programme commits 3F Filippi to increase customer awareness of the benefits of savings in light and promoting membership of this Programme.

- The results of the work carried out confirm the validity of the scheme. 

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