Electrical engineering and electronics

  3F Filippi has an internal IMQ (Italian Quality Mark)-certified test laboratory to guarantee its customers solid products certified to the toughest standards; this lab is able to perform the following tests:

- Temperature tests: serves to measure the temperatures reached by the electrical or electronic components or the thermal limits of the materials used for the luminaires

- Salt spray test: this is an accelerated corrosion test to provide a qualitative assessment of the corrosion resistance of a material or the corrosion protection provided by a coating.

- Liquid and dust ingress protection testing: serves to determine the level of protection of a product against the entry of solid and liquid bodies.

The results obtained determine the IP rating of a product.

3F Filippi has IMQ type-approved equipment for performing these tests, leading to obtainment of the IMQ-078 WMT-B - Laboratory WMT certificate (downloadable from their website www.3F-Filippi.com).

All this allows us to perform product certification tests autonomously, speeding up product development significantly, all to the customer's advantage and guaranteeing the safety, quality and duration of products.

Moreover, all our products are manufactured in compliance with the, European EN 60598-1 and international IEC 60598-1 standards.

All product series have received IMQ approval and carry the European mark ENEC 03 which replaces the individual national approvals. For further information, see Electrical engineering and electronics, p. 342 onwards.
Temperature test
Resistance to saline mist tesst
Liquid-prooef test
Dust-proof test