Belkis 1 LLA
Belkis 1 LLA

Belkis 1 LLA

A range of high quality wall recessed luminaires for use in all weather conditions.


This range of in-ground fixtures is designed to deliver to deliver a low glare LED desired lighting effect to corridors, open areas, pathways, steps.

The fixtures is manufactured from marine grade die-cast aluminum frame and body which is powder coated..

Vandal Resistant Tempered Glass, high temperature silicone gaskets and cast resin complete the fixture and make it IP65 and IK08 to withstand harsh environments.

Not only is the body made of the highest quality low copper content aluminum but incorporated in the product design is a unique product feature that uses a water proof potting compound that totally seals the back of the luminaire and stops water ingress.

Available in a range of colors of standard colors: Light ivory, Leaf green, Signal grey,  Anthracite grey , Grey white  and Jet black. Consult with factory for custom color.

The fixture is supplied with 1 foot of 16AWG pigtails.

The fixture is provided with a galvanized steel recessing box for easy mounting in concrete.




  • Wattage: 4W
  • Lumens: 92 lm, 107lm
  • IP Rating: Belkis 1 LLA
  • Cutsheet:
  • IES : Download