Beta A3F 912x24W LED VS Wide



Light Source

2 linear LED modules 24W/840, colour temperature 4000 K. Colour rendering Ra >80. Color initial tolerance (MacAdam): 3. 

Illumino-Technical Characteristics

Luminous efficiency 100%.

Luminaire luminous flux 6162 lm.

Wide symmetric distribution. UGR <22 (EN 12464-1).

Luminaire efficiency 125 lm/W.

Lifetime (L90/B10): 30000 h. (Tp 60°C) Lifetime (L85/B10): 50000 h. (Tp 60°C)

Photobiological safety RG0 unlimited, risk absent, in compliance with IEC 62471, IEC/TR 62778. 

Mechanical Characteristics

Single-piece housing in pressed aluminium, phosphate degreasing treatment using iron salts, powder-coated in white epoxy-polyester, UV stabilized.

(VS) anti-glare moulded glass, tempered,  sealing gasket, hinged opening by means of stainless steel clips. Wide flow recuperator, oversized, in specular aluminium with superficial titanium-magnesium treatment, non-iridescent.  Optional concentrated reflector (CONC).

Gear-tray unit in hot-galvanised steel, painted in white polyester, fixed to the housing by means of "Ribloc" rapid devices in galvanised steel, hinged opening.

Dimensions: 235x1265 mm, height 105 mm. Weight 7.3 kg.

IP65 protection degree. Luminaire with limited surface temperature.

Mechanical strength IK10 (20 joule).


Any environment except those where aluminium, polycarbonate and glass are not suitable; environments requiring tamperproof luminaires, such as prisons, thanks to the clips that can be locked by bolts (on request).

In environments with foodstuffs, meat processing or machines with parts in motion, with considerable sudden temperature changes, and in general in any environments requiring total protection against falling fragments, use luminaires with laminated glass only (on request).

Tempered glass is not immune to falling fragments from harmless and caused by shocks or exceptionally derived from the tempering process.


  • IP Rating: SLS-A3F-912x24W-LED-VS-WIDE
  • Lumens: 6162
  • Lamp Type: LED
  • Wattage (per lamp/LED): 24
  • Number Of LED/Lamps: 2
  • System Wattage: 59
  • Diffuser: Molded Tempered Glass
  • Reflector: Wide
  • Body Material: Aluminium
  • Body Color: White
  • Fixture Length: 4 feet
  • Dimension (mm): 235x1565 mm, height 105 mm
  • Weight (kg): 6