Linda Transparent 2x24W LED




For use in car-parks or environments where indirect ceiling and diffused direct lighting is required to supply uniform illumination.

Light Source

2 linear LED modules 24W/840, colour temperature 4000 K. Color rendering Ra >80. Color initial tolerance (MacAdam): 3. 

Illumino-Technical Characteristics

Luminous efficiency 100%.

Luminaire luminous flux 7473 lm.

Controlled symmetric distribution. UGR <22 (EN 12464-1).

Luminaire efficiency 126 lm/W.

Lifetime (L90/B10): 30000 h. (Tp 60°C)

Lifetime (L85/B10): 50000 h. (Tp 60°C)

Photobiological safety RG0 unlimited, risk absent, in compliance with IEC 62471, IEC/TR 62778. 

Mechanical Characteristics

Housing in transparent self-extinguishing polycarbonate, UV stabilized, injection moulded.

Ecologic anti-aging injected sealing gasket.

Diffuser in self-extinguishing  polycarbonate, photo-engraved interior, UV stabilized, injection moulded with smooth outer surface, tamper-proof opening.

Gear-tray reflector unit in hot-galvanized steel, painted in white polyester, fixed to the housing by means of steel rapid devices, hinged opening.

Snug fit snap-lock clips for diffuser mounting, in stainless steel.

Dimensions: 160x1270 mm, height 100 mm. Weight 3.1 kg.

IP65 protection degree. Possibility for technicians to access the interior of the luminaire. Luminaire with limited surface temperature.

Mechanical strength IK10 (20 joule). GTUV Rheinland-LGA Certificate for food-preparation environments.


Virtually in all environments compatibly with the emissions/atmospheres compromising the use of plastic materials.

Not suitable for installation on surfaces subject to important vibrations, on ropes or poles. 


  • IP Rating: SLS-LTR-2X24W-LED
  • Lumens: 7473
  • Wattage (per lamp/LED): 24
  • Number of Lamps: 2
  • System Wattage: 59
  • Fixture Length (feet) : 4
  • Body Color: Transparent
  • Lamp Type: LED