DALI Power Supply


CD 100 supplies power to a single DALI loop


 · Complements DALI dimming switches

· Mounts in standard 4” x 4” electrical box

· Single device supports 120 or 277VAC input operation

· Compatible for use in DALI control systems 



Input Voltage: 120/277VAC ± 10%

DALI Output Voltage: 12VDC nominal

DALI Output Current: 110mA

Testing/Code Compliance: UL Listed, CSA Certified

Approved for Class 1 and Class 2 control installation


Size: 4.10 x 4.10 x 1.63in. (104.1 x 104.1 x 41.4mm)

Color: Metallic Silver


Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to +55°C

Storage Temperature Range: -10°C to +85°C

Relative Humidity: 20% to 90% non-condensing


Limited 2-Year Warranty


 DALI Loop

· Only one power supply is used per loop

· Control wiring can be Class 1 or Class 2 installed

· Polarity-independent control wiring

· Flexible 2-wire DALI loop control wiring - Daisy Chain, Point to Point, Star or Mix Method.

· Run low-voltage wires separately from line voltage  (if applicable).



High Voltage Class 1 Wiring

Connect wires in junction box using standard wiring practices.



 DALI Power Supply Wiring


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