Digidim DALI Dimmer Switch 

The DIGIDIM Modular control panels are a DALI-compatible range of user interfaces that allow basic adjustments to the lighting system. 

The range includes pushbutton and rotary in a two styles of finish. Each panel is fitted with an indicator LED and an infrared receiver that gives the option of remote operation using a infrared remote control. 

Class 2 (low voltage) only - Requires a DALI Power Supply to function.

The Digidim DALI module is designed for European wall box dimensions.  However the unit is supplied with a bracket and face-plate to install in USA wall boxes.

Faceplate Finish: The Digidim controls are offered in two finishes

  • White center plate and white powder coated face plate
  • Black center plate and stainless steel face plate

Face Plate Finish

   white/white   black/stainless steel  
Code WSW   BSS  

 DALI Digidim models for coeLux system

'100' - rotary style. Push button ON/OFF, rotate dim up/down

'121' - 2-button. '1' button ON/dim up. '0' OFF/dim down. 

If button press < 1/2 second, then ON/OFF. 

If button press > 1/2 second, then dim Up/dim Down. 

'122' - 2-button. '^' button ON/dim up. 'v' OFF/dim down. 

If button press < 1/2 second, then ON/OFF. 

If button press > 1/2 second, then dim Up/dim Down 

'303' Optional Infra-red Remote Control for use with Digidim dimmers

ON/OFF Dim Up/Down and program 4 scene levels with remote.

The Digidim dimmer model has a removable connector block to assist in the installation of the DALI wires. 

Only connect the low volatage DALI wires to the dimmers. The connector supports pass through wiring.

* DO NOT connect 120VAC to the DALI dimmer modules. This will irreversible damage the unit making it non-functional.


Ordering Information
Digidim Model  Description  Faceplate Description Options
100 Rotary WSW White/Satin White 303 Remote
121 ON/OFF BSS Black/Stainless Steel  
122  UP/DOWN      
Ordering Code:  999-ZZZ (Module-Color e.g. 100-BSS is rotary module in black with stainless steel faceplate) 
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