Unlike a traditionally light wall switch dimmer which reduces the 120V line voltage to the lights, the coeLux lighting system use DALI digital controls for ON/OFF and dimming up/down of the panel(s). DALI is protocol for lighting control system that uses an additional 2-wires where a low voltage digital signal is sent from the DALI dimmer switch to the coeLux LED panel. 

The coeLux LED panels are powered constantly hot from the circuit breaker.  The dimming/ON/OFF is managed via the DALI digital switch sending a digital packet out to the fixtures, telling those group of fixture what to function to perform. 

Additional hardware required, to complete the DALI control circuit. 

  • DALI Dimmer Switch
  • DALI Power Supply

The DALI Power supply does not power the fixture. This is a special low voltage transformer that provides power to the DALI wires so the DALI control packet can be transmitted across the DALI wires (know as a DALI line).


DALI Wiring Overview


 coeLux DALI Wiring


Electrical Diagram for connections with external live voltage power supply and DALI control wires