3F Filippi, the company

  3F Filippi, an acronym of Fluorescent Fixtures Filippi, was founded in the hills near Bologna in 1952 as an innovative company which was able to bring the technological know-how of the lighting sector of those years to the Italian market, in particular equipment dedicated to the use of linear fluorescent lamps
  After its first location in Rastignano, in the 1970s 3F Filippi built its first large production facility in Via Garganelli, Pian di Macina, where it manufactures the decorative and industrial surface luminaires which, thanks to the use of highly efficient light sources, combine aesthetics and taste with low power consumption. These were the first steps which would make 3F Filippi known in the world of lighting design.
  In the 1980s, the experience acquired with designers, installers and customers led to the creation of increasingly high-performing products, confirming the company as one of the major Italian and international producers in the office and industrial lighting sector.
  In the 1990s the Dogana delle Filigare customs outpost was purchased, located in the small Apennine village of the same name and known in antiquity as the commercial outpost of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. 3F Filippi restored it completely, making it a meeting place to present new lighting products to architects, project managers and designers and organise conventions and training courses.

In 2000 the new headquarters in Via del Savena, Pian di Macina was inaugurated, housing the management offices, the new completely automated product warehouse and the production departments for plastic components and assembly – it is from here that the lighting sets off each day to the customers 3F Filippi serves all over the world through its sales and distribution network.

Today, 3F Filippi is operating in more than 50 countries around the world through its sales network composed of regional and foreign offices, working beside the best lighting designers to guarantee its customers quality lighting which meets the most recent standards and legislation.

Its products, designed and produced exclusively in the wholly-owned plants in Pian di Macina, proudly carry the Made in Italy badge all around the world thanks to the strength of the company's production model, joining characteristics which are apparently difficult to reconcile, such as tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and technology, aesthetics and functionality, ecology and consumption.

Today, more than ever, 3F Filippi believes that the richness of its tradition of values and its operations which are consistent with them are a relevant part of its plan to confidently bet on the future.