Light engineering 


3F Filippi is UNI EN ISO 9001 certified for lighting engineering design too/h2>

  3F Filippi guarantees photometric data sheets, according to the latest European and international recommendations and standards, thanks to the support of the photometric laboratory, in line with official European laboratories. The photometric tests are performed by procedures in accordance with UNI EN 13032 and CIE 121 standards.

3F Filippi has the most advanced computer programs for research and optimization of louvres and reflectors in order to achieve maximum efficiency and suitable light distribution for the most widely varying applications.

This commitment has been recognized and certified by the CSQ (Italian Company Quality Systems Certification) also for the entire phase of lighting engineering design, thus allowing operation under a Quality Assurance system that also covers interior lighting design in accordance with good engineering practice.

Their ISO 9001 certification, awarded by CSQ (certificate no. 9130.3FFI) can be viewed on their site - - in the "Certifications and Guarantees" section.
  3F Filippi, as further guarantee of the quality of its products and care to meet the strictest standards, is a sustainer of the most lighting engineering associations in the world: