3F LED Technology


  main advantages

• High luminous efficiency 120 lm / W
• Instant
• Lighting control, directional light
• Absence of IR and UV components in the spectrum of visible light
• long service life: 50,000 hours
• Lower installed capacity compared to light sources traditional
• Brightness of the light
• Adjusting the luminous flux of up to 0.1%

• No mercury
• Reduced CO2 emissions by reducing the installed power
• Less use of polluting materials for the production of light-emitting diodes
• Less waste heat into the environment

For the customer:
• Reduction of energy costs
• Reduction of maintenance costs
• Return on investment in a short time


Definition: The word LED stands for Light Emitting Diode (light emitting diode) and is a diode that uses the optical properties of some semiconductors to produce photons that to passage of the current emit light. A set of LEDs mounted on a printed circuit forming a LED module, which may have the form:

  3F Filippi, as further guarantee of the quality of its products and care to meet the strictest standards, is a sustainer of the most lighting engineering associations in the world:
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In step with the evolution of sources in a market efficient that evolves and is updated every day, 3F Filippi decided to equip its equipment sources produced in Italy and acquired the best components available. All this to provide the best possible LED products.


The correct temperature: for the LED modules can work properly, ensuring high service life (> 50,000 h), a decrease of luminous flux contained in time (> L70) and high efficiency (> 120 lm / W), must to properly dissipate the heat they generate. The nominal data of the LED are only respected if it is not exceeded the junction temperature (Tj). For this reason 3F Filippi performs a series of tests on the thermal and lighting its LED lighting fixtures that allow us to obtain an excellent combination of thermal dissipation, output, and installed power.


Luminous flux unit: The luminous flux output from the unit is the amount of actual light that comes out of, having already considered, the luminous efficiency of the same.


Luminous efficiency device The luminous efficiency of the device is the most useful parameter to designer to determine the right lighting fixture because provides the practical given between the light emission and absorption of the overall the luminaire. Beware of publications that shows efficiencies luminous efficiency only theoretical upper bound of the pure LED (reference temperature 25 ° C) and not to the provision of the within the same fixture.